5 Ways New Windows Will Make Your Home Warmer This Winter

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Thermal Performance, Windows

Ah November!  The month that the trees turn bare, Jack Frost comes knocking and the afterglow of summer disappears entirely.  Left behind is the reminder that your home isn’t actually all that warm, heating bills are extortionate and you can’t sit on that part of the sofa because it feels like a gale is blowing through the window.  Sound about right?

It may shock you to know that your old windows are responsible for up to 40% of heat loss in your home. So, every time you turn your heating up to compensate for the heat loss, you are literally throwing your money out the window.  Scary thought!

Read on to find out 5 ways installing new A rated windows will improve the thermal performance of your home and keep you warmer this winter.

Say Bye to Draughts

Cold spots, swaying curtains and unable to decide if your house is haunted or just a bit holey – all a thing of the past.  Draughts are the main source of energy loss and are a common occurrence with older windows that have gradually degraded or were poorly fitted.  A draughty home is also harder to heat, causing your heating system to work harder – driving up your energy bills.  Replacing old windows with new A rated double or triple glazing will reduce draughts and your energy bills in the long-term. 


Older windows are often manufactured from outdated technology making them poor insulators and reducing the thermal performance of your home.  Older windows tend to have a higher U-Value.

The U-Value is the measurement that indicates the rate that heat escapes from a window.  The lower the U-Value, the better the thermal performance.

New windows are manufactured using the latest technology to reduce the rate that heat escapes from your home and therefore have a lower U-Value.  Additionally, window manufacturers must now comply with building regulations that state all new windows must meet a U-Value of 1.6 w/m2k or lower.  Making new windows more energy-efficient by law.

Double (or triple) the protection against the cold

Double or triple glazing is constructed using two or three panes of glass with a layer (or two) of trapped air or gas in between to insulate and protect the home from the outdoor elements.  Offering double or triple the protection that single pane glazing does. 

No need for ineffective quick fixes

If you are running around every winter draught-proofing and weather-stripping your home – it is probably time to stop.  Whilst this might seem like a quick fix, its often an ineffective measure and still means rising fuel costs. Plus you still need to do it all again next year.  Installing double or triple glazing is the best long-term solution for a warmer, draught-proofed home.

Let the free heat in

“Free heat” I hear you gasp! But, seriously.  Installing new A rated windows boosts natural light and increases the solar heat gain of your home – heating it up naturally from sunlight.  That, combined with improved heat retaining abilities of new windows means that the heat from the sunlight will stay in your home for longer and reduce the need to fire up the boiler. 

If you would like to hear more about our A rated windows and how we can improve the thermal performance of your home this winter, call us on 0800 131 3657 or email us at info@easy-glaze.co.uk.



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